Aphoristically Speaking~

What does it mean to speak Aphoristically?  And, for what purpose does it serve~  I guess mostly, the chance to explain the nature of the blog and the veracity to want to ramble aimlessly on the www  is per chance just that…a chance to vent, share and procure a space in the vast eternal quadrant of the virtual web, or a legacy so to speak.

Here’s the simplest way around this blog. In the top, you’ll see 4 links [Posts]; and that’s all wordpress allows on a freebie acount I think, or perhaps, I just haven’t figured that tweak out, yet. In any sense, those links will take you to my posts. And, these ramblings of prose, verse, fiction and occasional ruminations of delightful places I’ve gone will be written here. On the right you will find my Pages devoted to Travels to Conventions, mostly. Also, some thoughts I had regarding my family, and other fictional endeavors I’ve yet to finish. The Chalkboard has a drop down, and it is basically the Archives~a monthly selection of what I’ve written lately. It’s the easiest way to navigate.

Everyone needs a hobby…mine is writing it. If you read it…then perhaps your hobby is in the reading the manifest of a mad once housewife…who’s to say which is worse.

If you are the more discriminating reader and wish to choose from Archives that interest you, those same posts are reflected there by what I labeled them. There is no insistence you agree that it is humorous, sad, insightful or anything at all…but, a comment is welcome and appreciated. Because then I know you were here and what you thought…

Again, thanks for gracing my domain and blog…see ya out there!


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