To many this rambling on won’t come as a surprise…

I view life, my life specifically as if it is comprised of chapters…I think I spelled this out in ‘Ode to Farmville‘, (I believe you’ll find that post in General or Info as I’m too lazy to add a link to it]; but pehaps I clouded it so much with the idea of poking fun at a popular online game and filling the middle with profound jargon related to Jung that many missed it. Oh well…

Albeit, I’ve lived through many chapters in my life, and I’ve spent way too much time in one chapter…I call it ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and well…it’s time to move on to ‘Blue Lagoon’ although, I doubt anyone who lives on the coast considers the Pacific coastal region a lagoon; and neither do I. Once I’m there, perhaps a suitable chapter title will come to me…I’ve yet to experience the wonderment of such a goal.

Since 1976 when I first marched in the Rose Bowl parade with the high school band I fell in love with this region of the US. Then only dreaming of it, and getting bogged down in finding my way on the prairie, inventing myself, entering the world and doing all the things that one does in life to pacify their time on earth…living they call it. Or perhaps accepting the complacency of events as they come. I’ve visited California on two other occasions, and always boarded the plane for home with the same promise to self…I’m coming back to live HERE someday.

I’ve begun the transition and like every new paragraph or idea in a plot…it is a bit daunting…how to visualize, manage, plan, implement and idealize the format…basically what shoes should I wear? I think I know…

I like the climate, it’s consistency and I like the adventure there of sight-seeing, the mountain vista’s to one view; and the coast to the other. But, mostly, although some say it is fast-paced, I’ve always felt it slow and the people interesting and delightfully honest with one another. There is no hidden agenda, everyone is doing something, going somewhere and quick to tell you their opinion. Good or bad…you gotta hear it. I like the diversity too, and I like the opportunity to see more cultures at work, play or interacting and in the seeming sense ‘acceptance’.

East and West coasts in this country seem to have that going on…it’s accepted we are all different and that the differences are a ‘good’ thing…at least on the surface and whatever is beneath the surface, is left a mystery just like the waters that lap their coasts.

Stuck in the middle or on the prairie I’ve spent or endured the vast sense of not belonging here, totally, my sense of value, ethics, mores, politics or seeming lack of politics,  and hearing a different drum cadence is perpendicular to most I meet…so I only continue to only long to be somewhere else where I have the option to simply be myself and not worry about what looms in others minds…the older I get though I really don’t worry…but I do wish to be somewhere else where I can sit on a beach, watch a sunset and just be happier…knowing I reached one goal in my life that I set in youth.

And, so I begin the last Chapter…


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