To Be A Brony~


Pushing for this too: Give till it hurts! Bronies are GOOD People…er Ponies~

“Who would have thunk it!”

“Do you see what is going on down on earth, now?”

“Some caught the “DREAM” I started nearly forty-nine years ago!”

“…and, people are listening…because it is now spoke by rainbow COLORED ponies…”
[This is what I can imagine being sputtered out by Martin Luther King Jr as he watches…]

They have a dream…
The same dream any fan has…and the same rights we all have, which is the pursuit of happiness…it is afforded to us ALL by the Constitution. Who has the right to say who watches network television and whether certain shows are only for children or adults. I’m assuming they have the right merely because they pay the cable bill. The HUB channel isn’t a freebie.

But this isn’t about rights or whether it is appropriate for someone to watch a cartoon. This blog is centered on whether those of us who lay in wait in chat rooms, forums, and on social networks with the sole idea of splashing another human beings Twitter, Facebook or other networks page with vulgarisms, hate-filled innuendo and lies just to lay claim to some perception that you have of the person you are attempting to put asunder. That is not right, and it is not protected by our Constitution.

You could say you have a right because of Freedom of Speech, but that freedom ends when it harms or gets in the way of another persons Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. In other words, makes them feel bad about themselves, and for no other reason, than you don’t understand the Constituition and why it was set in ink. But, really it is because you don’t get fandom or you aren’t part of a greater good.

What am I talking about? “Bronies.” People who watch a cartoon designed to teach children how to live in harmony and learn Tolerance and Love of one another. That message transgresses to adults, too. Perhaps, it is because we yearn to get that same interaction from others, and why many flock to the internet social scene. There are of course other reasons, but the most resolute is that everyone has a similar theme and reason once they watch this show. Bronies thank the writer’s of this show, some, the voice actors who give life to the ponies and other critters. But it is the words, and the message that trips their hearts and allows them to find humor and other musings in pink and purple ponies, reminding us ALL what we learned in Kindergarten. But really and most of all, THE STRENGTH to endure hellacious insults and tirades at the hands of virtual strangers and sometimes comrades who bully them, senselessly.

I witnessed firsthand on Twitter as a bully, or Brony-hater taunted a Brony for his conviction that he was a good person. The bludgeoning of filth and vulgar words coming from this hater appalled me, and I was then more appalled when the Brony was reduced to fighting back with the same words, yet in defeat. That’s the difference when people are bullied, they fight back, sometimes in detriment of their own belief system and cause. This caused me to be a little angry. Because, I believe the Bronies are essentially good. And, I see that in their artwork, their humor, their absolutely kick-ass music and their spin-offs of the animation from the show. I will admit that I was harshest with the Bronies in this example of hate-mongering on my Twitter page, but for a reason. I wanted to remind them of the message they clearly honor, which is “Tolerance and Love.” Not one deleted me. BronyRetweet did what they do best; they re-tweeted. To be seen as honored with this “Tolerance and Love” you have to rise above the hate, not become part of it; and if it seems as though you are down-trodden by that feat; take a break and come back when cooled off. The haters will only to continue to defeat you with your own cause and action. Those of us who watch, will and should be awed by the conviction that you honor tolerance in the face of Hate.

I have to admit that on some days, the Bronies either reduce me to tears or sometimes hilarious laughter. And, there are times I’m chuckling or grousing at your expense, guys~ but it is truly in love of your ability to capture that inner child we all miss, desperately. But seriously, guys you ROCK~ no you are Rocks, like the sort, hymns are made about. You have a sense of SELF and you want others to enjoy it. You have this innate sense of CONVERSION, much like the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons. You know what you believe in is GOOD. Sometimes that is a detriment and a potent way the hostility comes knocking at you.

I saw a post on Twitter from a Brony asking the most profound question of all. “What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of this?” I was taken aback and it dawned on me that this is exactly the sort of HATE that many American minorities have faced in life, as well as people of different faiths, gender issues, and mostly anything small minds can’t understand~ and all because someone usurps their RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness. I think that Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. would endorse you guys.

I also think that if you look long and hard at the team heading up the BronyCON documentary, they probably carry the WORDS of that speech made forty-nine years ago in their hearts, as those of us ALL do that watched the horror of those days and then heard the words for the first time.

As a fan of Star Trek, I don’t think I’ve endured quite the HATE-filled messages Bronies endure on a day to day. Bronies endure this torment sometimes from friends, colleagues, family members and then those complete strangers who believe throwing rocks at rose-colored glass houses is the best way to change someone in pursuit of what is GOOD for them; and mostly into believing badly about themselves. It’s not right.

Oh and yes, I’ve seen the different facets of what Bronies regale as art and muse, as well. But, as a fan of popular culture and namely Star Trek~ I’d venture every fandom has its dark and cruddy side. Trust me, I know they do. That isn’t something unique to any fandom or the Bronies~ that’s all I’m saying and well…it adds a little spice to fandom on occasion. And, again~ it is still not right to bully anyone for any reason, but especially because one can’t understand the pursuit of what someone else deems GOOD or to coin a phrase “FASCINATING”.

My advice to Bronies is hold your head high…trust that your Dream is the same dream we all have in our quest for a better world…a carefree, quiet, trusting crusade for the pursuit of what makes us happiest. “Tolerance and Love.” And when the naysayers come your way, instead of matching them with their words of hate, remind them of what is the most dear to you about My Little Pony~ “Friendship is Magic!” Hail it at them…much like we Trekkies once did with “Live Long and Prosper” in the face of those who bullied us.

And, if all else fails, add “WE HAVE A DREAM…”

A special credit to the honest to god foresight and hindsight of Twitter’s Brony Woodenfan [@pikafan493] Thank you for giving me the greatest topic sentence ever!!!

[originally published on Martin Luther King Day~2012]~ 4/2013 Re-edit of Blog


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