Perhaps you think I’m going to finish the title here with “…come to an end…” However, that would defeat the whole purpose of my blog “Boldly Goes….” So I won’t.

No this is actually, my blog regarding the latest Star Trek Convention I went to last weekend. The Official, the Biggest, the blah, blah, blah. It is everything they say it is, but with one minor annoyance. The celebs and the events are encapsulated  in a zoo atmosphere…, the chaos is maddening, unless you have a VIP pass, then it is a cake-walk to a point. The VIP pass is auctioned and only a few affluent and perhaps lucky web trolls are able to purchase it. Well, I was one of them. For awhile it was like being Q, really, if I had to make a bizarre analogy. Q like, being able to flash a card at the poor schmuck at the head of line and mumble VIP and then the moment of omnipotence of being straight-away to the front of most lines for autographs to photo opts. And, let’s not forget sitting backstage awaiting the arrival of any celebrity slated to take the stage or returning from the stage. Power! And, yet fleeting. Only 20 of us…and yet, that isn’t what Trek is all about now is it.

Trek represents diversity and sense of equality in a Utopian like society where the garbage man and dog-catcher are equal to the Admiral and Captains of Industry in viewpoint and acceptance, but the most official and biggest Star Trek Convention gives the sense of pecking order and a caste system and gives new meaning to “Big Brother” and control. Just saying!  Although, I had a great time, it wasn’t the feel and camaraderie I felt at the other three conventions I visited over the near last three years. As I set out on this quest to experience Trek-mania.

I must admit I did become a “Fan Addict” in this quest. Although, I was only a few meters beyond that line when I started. I’ve seen the measure of need to cut back the consumption of jet fuel, memorabilia purchases, photos and mostly wasted energy and time waiting in lines just for a few moments of whispering, mumbling thanks and praise to my favorite celebrities; and all for the thrill of saying, “I was there, I did that, and gawd, what a beautiful experience that was…” Withdrawal will be difficult, I’m sure…and the pain of seeing that Southwest or United airlines has a special discount to the city of the next KaaHHnn excruciating, but…tsk, tsk, I won’t say it yet… only that after Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, I need a huge break from the exhilaration of Boldly Going so Much…but it was FUN!! It was…and the memories will live infinitely in my mind.

FUN…even with disappointments, faux pas, dispassionate fans when you snapped your fingers (like Q) and presented the VIP pass, and fun even when you made the long hike from your room to the concourse and realized you had left without underwear, phone, money and your Gold or VIP pass…and had to HIKE back to the room at a rate of speed only WARP drive could carry you. Still FUN when you discovered that you had 2 minutes to reach a designated area, but were off course, and arrived at the wrong room and are wearing 3 inch heels, a cocktail dress and are already 10 minutes late; fun is whipping off the heels and racing back through the concourse to find SOMEONE who knows where you are supposed to be and learning you aren’t really late at all. Only in Vegas and ONLY at a Star Trek Convention. [This really happened to me, by the way…] And, yet it is funny still to me as I write.

More FUN is when William Shatner blocks your ability to leave the VIP backstage area because he’s filming…despite the fact you want to be sitting out in the audience, the gallery of fans…that memory will live forever as he pushed me back from the exit and stated “get back in there!” How do you say NO to Captain Kirk or Bill Shatner, ever? Someone who has an answer please let me know in comments.

Fun and yet melancholia set in as I listened to Leonard Nimoy apprise us of his plans to retire from the industry and more so, Conventions. This followed his talk and sans Q & A [thank god, and yet, the fans lined up in anticipation]. Listening to Mr. Nimoy tell us his history and biography was BEAUTIFUL; and watching the Bruno Mars video that accompanied his talk and learning how he came to be in that video, it was surreal and it came to be a HIGHLIGHT of this Biggest, Best and Official Star Trek convention.

My photo op with this man a long-time coming as I’d briefly met him at one other CON and in a one-man performance play he presented regarding ‘Van Gogh’ many years before. Standing beside him in the photo opt and still fighting the emotion and the tears that threatened. LIVE LONG and Prosper, Mr. Nimoy!! And…I will never look at the Vulcan sign of recognition and greeting quite the same, now.

Fun and laughter…as three of the beloved Captains took the stage together and ceremoniously apart. An amazing and probably likely never to happen again experience for many of us. Truly one of the highlights. Their rapport was a delight and enlightenment of how Trek crosses not just to fans, but to the celebrities themselves who portray our beloved heroes and heroines.

My favorite day was Saturday and for a myriad of reasons…mostly, the chance to see my FAVORITE actor and my favorite actresses who in my own Trekker opinion played the most powerful characters in Trek, and I let them all know how I felt once Q & A was opened up to the fans~ Denise Crosby, Suzie Plaxson and John de Lancie. I’ve met one of them so many times~ perhaps to the point of ‘having made myself a pest’…and there is no reason to say who. Their characters exude ‘All Good Things and power’ and that power reflects to US, the fans in not only our repeated watching of those characters, but in what they give outside of Trek. Denise with “Trekkies I and II”, Suzie and her music talent and videos across myspace and various alley-ways of the WWW, and John with his various theater, opera, symphony and guest star role appearances in some of our favorite television series; and mostly his involvement with Leonard Nimoy and Alien Voices. They are more than Trek stars…they are devoted to their fans and humbled by the accolades we bestow to them. Now I’ve said it…those are my three faves. Although, if you ask me about TNG in general my faves plus those mentioned include Patrick Stewart, I just need to find enough time to stand in line to get a photo-opt. But what I really want is a photo-opt with him and De Lancie. Q and Picard. Never seems to be offered, and I wish they would do their schtick on stage together like Frakes and Spiner do.

As I began….”ALL GOOD THINGS...don’t end, but they continue to live in our hearts, our souls and our memories…

This convention represented the last one I would seek out and boldly go to…and so, it will be awhile now before I report on such travels. At the least, a year or two…or who knows. It’s too much fun to give up on.

**But soon…I venture upon a new quest one that began in my heart thirty five years ago…with roses, song and a long hike, too.

Thanks for reading.

Clicking in the left hand corner “KaaHHns!” will give you the insight on the rest of my convention travels.*


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