Remarking on the Emperor’s New Clothes~

[Ode to a Narcissist]

Disdain is reserved for such a pretentious EGO,
Such as YOU~
In the din of such patronizing elitism.
Yes, I took the chance
And, I believed your tales and lies.
Your dalliance and flirtation,
Was my drug then, and~
Yet, as I sit upon the horizon;
Looking back upon many a time spent with you~
I realize…
I was looked upon as a foolish object by~
And you can’t hurt me anymore, or push me lower.

I will rise from the muck,
I will shake off the snubbing;
I will shake off all the innuendo, and
Mostly the knowledge of YOU~
Who seeks to condescend
and demoralize everyone within reach,
If only to feed their own inequity, or their own self-loathing.
There is no queue for discord
In my life any more~
Your haughtiness defines YOU,
Not me.

Your battle cry and call for change
Is a smokescreen that only fools and idiots rush
To and fro, and hear your caterwaul~
Of injustices; but the injustices are within YOU.
There is no kindness, no loyalty, no
Tolerance in your heart for humankind.
Your eyes speak loudly of
Arrogance and disregard
Of any trinket or regard given to you~
You have no remorse, no care of anyone;
And, You are defined by action and words,
All spoken so vile and cruel by you.

Where I once beset loyalty upon you;
I now feel indifference.
Where I once heard your whimper of loneliness~
I now simply pity you and without any sense of caring, now.
I don’t feel the sting or pain of your
Haughty loathing, though
It reminds me only
That I was a fool~
And YOU….

Are a snob.



Your eyes greet mine, they crinkle slightly at the corners…
I feel my heart leap in my chest…
A smile forms on my face, illuminating the sensations~ restless in my core…
Mirroring the smile I see gaining latitude on your beautiful face.

Why does life seem so surreal?
How did the equation become so complicated?
When did the line blur…
Where is this going…will I know when we are there?

Our eyes seem to linger…
The questions in them silent on our lips…
The sounds that once pervaded our ears and drowned our thoughts…
No longer are heard…

The din of the crowd around us…
No longer seems to rabble or rouse…
We exist…they do not…
Our existence is only mirrored in our eyes…

Deep in a gaze of silent overwhelming sound of unknown origin…
Our thoughts perhaps, the questions in a chorus…
The essence of our own hearts beating…

We kiss…