Since 2009, I made a promise to myself that I would begin to go to one Star Trek, Popular Culture or other sci-fi convention a year. At the least one, I’d imagined, but sometimes, I manage two or maybe three. I missed them, and hadn’t been to one for over 25 years. I’ve got forty years left, now…and so I boldly go… [There are four that I have to go to…it’s karma, Dragon Con, NEFANX, Shore-Leave and the Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention].

The first one I endeavored upon was in Boston, MA. The NEFANX convention in November of 2009, and it was a blast. I met Corin Nemec from Stargate and John De Lancie “Q” from Star Trek. Both are quite gregarious and really give a lot of attention to their fans. It was amazing.

The most important thing is that I got to meet fans from the area and some who had traveled a great distance to be there, as I had. Getting together with fellow fans is the most entertaining value and the best of what conventions are all about.

I’d went there with the intention of checking out the writing panels, but ended up chit-chatting with the fans, meeting some fellow role players I’d met online in the RPG that I was dallying with at the time. All in all, a great social impact; for having only met them online during chat and now finally putting a face to what lie behind the mask we wear while engaged in writing stories together. Again, enlightening and wonderful.

I’m an avid Trekker, with “Q” being one of my favorite characters from the new genre of series for Trek. So meeting John De Lancie was the highlight; oh and I failed to mention that Leonard Nimoy was also a guest. The lines to meet and greet him were “too long” and the price tag “too high”; and before you think I “settled” for second. Nah, while I watched Star Trek (TOS), Mr. Spock was never one of my favorite characters; and I had long ago met him anyway. Mostly, back in the day, I was so MUCH a “Dr. McCoy” groupie of TOS, so while it was magic to see Nimoy pass by me ever so slowly and surreal in the lobby of the hotel; it was more important to me to meet the celebrities that I had never met. So…I let that pass.

This convention was rather special to me, as it was the first I’d attended in twenty-five years and some of the fans I met there; I continue to make contact with. I especially enjoyed the dinner they arranged with the celebrities and the breakfast with the celebrities in attendance. And, our lucky table got to sit with Mr. John De Lancie. The Q & A’s and the opportunity to ask John a question…despite his teasing over the fact I attempted to read my question, rather than ask…Forever, a delightful memory.

My next Convention experience would happen in Atlanta, GA at the infamous DRAGON CON, September, 2010 a popular culture genre CON, and ever so decadent. Absolutely loved it. I stayed at the Sheraton, where all the Star Trek happenings would go on, but found myself drawn mostly to the Marriott at night where the real party was going on. I got to meet Garrett Wang, who was the Trek Trak director for 2010 and I guess forever if he wants it. He’s very down to earth, and well just like one of us crazy fans. It was great to just BS on the terrace as we watched the comings and goings of the rest of the Dragon Con attendees atop the roof of the Sheraton. Great memories.

Again, I headed to this CON with the idea of meeting more writers; and even enrolled in Ann Crispins class for novice writers and signed myself up for a critique of a life-time. It was again, an amazing experience and she gave me lots of great advice and it was a CRITIQUE, but I left with the knowledge of knowing that if I what I really wanted was to write that great novel~ I needed to heed that advice.

Again, I met many of the Star Trek celebrities I’ve come to adore and love, whether it be a re-run of Star Trek or some new series, movie, etc., they are endeavoring in. Photo-ops will tell the story of who was there from here on out.

One of the major highlights is costuming and Cosplay and Anime, but it is ALL popular culture and it seemed everyone dresses up or costumes. I attempted, but don’t ask me what I was, I have no idea; just something I threw together. I told Jonathan Frakes I was his worst nightmare, but I was kidding.

The only downer at this CON was that I didn’t get the chance to enter for a few of the Q & A’s due to room size issues; Sirtis, Spiner and De Lancie. The crowd demand exceeded the room size and security came on like a group of Klingon’s on steroids. It was sad and well very disappointing.

All in all, I have many great memories of this CON as I did the first, it was amazingly fun and remains vivid in my memory even now.


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