(an excerpt from one of my collaborative efforts in Treklore) It’s about Q~ one of my favorite characters from the three newest series~

Why the human race; and not the Klingons or Vulcan’s…

Clay’s question boggles Q’s sense of intelligence for the moment, and then he realizes the strange need of most sentients, and probably more so that of human’s to be validated in the state of all things… their need to feel superior or sought after.

”The Vulcan’s and Klingons had already been observed by us.” Q remarks as though he were expounding on the virtues of these species as superior to humanity; but in essence he considered them lumped into one category~ sentients. Life forms with expiration dates.

”Humanity became my cause…my assignment.” Q retorts succinctly and with pride. “You should consider yourself worthy and I daresay…grateful. For if left to anyone of my brethren and mostly my estranged spouse, or the on again; off again whims of my… I won’t say it…she is not the better half of one of Jupiter’s moons, let alone Moi! Q muses. “Lady Q wanted you all destroyed, as an example to all sentients who decided that exploration warranted unjust and unprincipled use of force as a mechanism for furthering their existence in the multiverse.” Q expounds further. “The Continuum has spent vast effort watching All sentients. Not just humans!” Q tells him, and chuckles.

”Leave the arrogance to humanity to believe such… for years there were many on your planet who continued to spout We are not alone…; and documentaries, whole networks of you called it… television devoted time, research and effort to tell the masses of folk on your planet this. But, only those living in hollers, trailer parks and mountain ranges seemed to buy into it.” Q chortles at the prospect. “Seems they were correct? Eh?”


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